Fascinating Facts About Corfu

There are so many reasons to love Corfu, the sparkling blue Meditteranean, 200 kilometres of coastline, beautiful beaches & hidden coves, luscious olive groves, the history, the nature, the idyllic mountainous landscape…and we could go on.
But there are also some fascinating facts about Corfu, that you may not be aware of…yet!

  1. So let’s start at the beginning, the earliest reference to Corfu is thought to be 1300 BC, which was in the Greek Bronze Age (the Byzantine times). There is writing in syllabic script of ko-ro-ku-ra-i-jo (“man from Kerkyra”) and Kerkyra is the Greek word for Corfu.
    Corfu Villas
  2. Corfu is the second largest island in the Ionian Sea. The largest being Kefalonia also called Cephalonia.
  3. Corfu was under the British rule from 1814 until 1864 when it was united with Greece.
  4. Unlike the rest of Greece, Corfu never came under Turkish rule.
  5. Corfu is the greenest island in Greece hence it’s nickname the Emerald Isle, and is home to more than 3 million olive trees.
    Olive Grove Corfu
  6. During the 14th and 18th century it is said the villagers were paid a gold coin for every olive tree that they planted (of which there are over 300 different types of olive trees) and the oil was then used as fuel to light the lamps of Venice.
  7. Mandolato is a traditional Greek nougat made from honey, sugar, nuts and dried fruit, and flavoured with vanilla, almond or orange blossom. It is said that the most delicious Mandolato comes from Corfu. Emperor Justinian back in 518 AD allegedly wooed the future Empress Theodora with the help of the Mandolato’s aphrodisiac properties.
  8. At Easter time it’s a Greek custom to celebrate with red eggs. The celebrations last a week with the ‘smashing of the pots’ on Holy Saturday morning.
  9. 83 species of butterflies have been recorded living on Corfu.
  10. Kumquats were introduced to Corfu in the 1860s. The standard kumquat liqueur drink is sweet and bright orange, however, if you are given a colourless version this drink be prepared for a far more potent and adventurous experience!
  11. The patron saint of Corfu is Saint Spyridon, who is thought by the locals to do miracles.
  12. Prince Philip was born on a kitchen table in Corfu.
  13. Over 300 bird species have been recorded since the 19th century from the greater flamingo to the goldcrest.
  14. The pomegranate fruit is a symbol of happyiness, fertility and prosperity in Greek folklore.
  15. The local authorities have begun attempts to rebrand Corfu’s image away from ‘sun sea sand’ tourism towards cultural and ecological types of tourism. Walking holidays and tours are on the increase so visitors can enjoy the wildflowers, beautiful nature, and Corfu’s breathtaking landscapes.

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