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Carpeted in a blanket of lush greenery and crisscrossed by a lattice of olive groves, fragrant orange and citrus trees and topped with craggy mountain ranges, our Corfu Villas benefit from all the beauty Corfu has to offer. Dotted with a UNESCO World Heritage Site, encircled by a sparkling blue Mediterranean, caressed by acres of sandy beach and full to bursting with things to do, see, eat, taste and savour, the Emerald Isle is a paradise waiting to be discovered.

If you prefer a slower pace of life and want to peel back the layers of civilization to experience a more authentic Greece, the Ionian Isle has a myriad of hidden treasures to soothe the soul and calm the mind. From picture-perfect views at almost every turn to an abundance of Mother Nature’s finest handiwork, Corfu is a place to rest and relax.

For those who want to savour and sample, the largest of the Greek Islands is a melting pot of flavoursome local produce, sumptuous seafood, talented chefs, top class restaurants and tavernas to wile away the day in.

Sun worshippers can soak up the rays at any number of beautiful golden beaches, unspoilt and exotic or full of fun activities for all the family, then return to the privacy in one of our luxury Corfu villas.

History buffs, shoppers, art enthusiasts, children with restless legs and unrelenting energy couples with an appetite for new experiences; all will find themselves at home in Corfu.

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Corfu Island


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