What To Eat In Corfu – Corfiot Food

Your holiday’s booked, you’ve planned a cracking itinerary covering everyone’s interests, but what food must you absolutely try out when you’re in Corfu?

As it happens we can help with that, with our ‘What To Eat In Corfu – Corfiot Food’ post.

Corfiot food is probably best described as Mediterranean deliciousness with a Venetian flair.  It’s a mix of traditional and modern, it’s fresh, exciting, and mouthwatering. Corfiot cuisine takes traditional Greek cuisine and gives it its own delicious twist.
Cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg have featured in Corfiot cuisine for hundreds of years, in both savoury and sweet dishes.


Pastitsada is the method used to cook the meat, and Corfu has become famous for it.  The Beef of Chicken is cooked with spices, laurel, fresh tomato, red wine, onion & garlic.  One type of spice mixture contains 15 different spices! It is served with pasta and grated cheese.  Traditionally saved for special occasions, you must order yourselves a plate of this exquisite Corfiot food.


Sofrito is common to many countries so you will find a wide range of varying ways to prepare it, Greek Sofrito actually came from Corfu, so where better to try it for yourself. Sofrito is one of the most popular dishes served in Corfu and the name refers to the cooking style –  to “slowly fry”.  Order a Sofrito and you will enjoy thin slices of beef slowly fried with white sauce, garlic, pepper, white wine, vinegar and parsley.


One of the most famous fish dishes on the island, Bourdeto in Corfu is a wonderful blend of onion, red pepper, tomato, spices, and of course fresh fish!

The word Bourdeto comes from the Venetian word for broth (brodeto), and commonly uses the Scorpionfish for this dish.


If you are after something sweet, you will love the round-shaped sweet brioche-like bread called Fogatsa. A must at Easter time, it would be rude to not try this tempting treat.


A traditional Corfiot dessert, a sweet fig pie with a tinge of Ouzo, black grapes, walnuts, spices and pepper then wrapped in fig leaves and held together with vine.


Corfu’s answer to the pancake, made from corn and served with sugar, cinnamon and honey.

Corfu has taverns and restaurants aplenty, but if you prefer something a little intimate in the privacy of your own Corfu Villa, we can arrange for you a private chef,  expert in all aspects of Corfiot cooking, and can delight you with the meal of a lifetime!

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