Corfu-Villa’s Top Tips To Driving In Corfu

For those of you planning a holiday on the beautiful island of Corfu, hiring a vehicle may be part of the adventure.
With its abundant supply of secret hideaways, winding roads, lush green landscapes and historical landmarks, hiring a car is a great way to explore all that Corfu has to offer.
But if driving on the right in a left-hand drive vehicle is putting you off, or you’re worried about driving somewhere unfamiliar with locals who are used to the roads, Corfu-Villa has some helpful tips which should put your mind at ease, and give you more confidence driving in Corfu.

  1. We offer an airport collection service, and can arrange a hire car for you, this way you don’t need to get straight onto the roads as soon as you land, but can arrive in style at your villa where your car will be waiting.
  2. Depending on the size vehicle you wish to hire, it’s likely you will need to be least 21 years of age with a valid driving license held for at least 1 year.
  3. Cars are left-hand drive, but although the gear stick will now be on your right, the pedals are in the same order as UK cars.
  4. Roundabouts are anti-clockwise, and when you emerge from a side road always look first to the left for oncoming traffic. You will quickly find it becomes natural.
  5. Roads do get narrow in Corfu, with some tight bends, using your horn unnecessarily is illegal, however using your horn before you go round a blind bend is perfectly acceptable.
  6. On dual carriageways and motorways, the overtaking lane is on the far left and the slow lane is on the far right. It’s advisable to stick to the lane on the far right until you have got your confidence.
  7. Road conditions can vary, and locals are used to these so they may drive faster than you, pull over to the right-hand side to allow cars to pass,  they will toot you but this is as a way to show appreciation, not to show they are annoyed.
  8. The speed limit is 100 to 120 km/hour (62 to 75 mph) on main roads and 50 km/hour (31 mph) in residential areas.
  9. There is a petrol station in Kassiopi.
  10. Google maps works in Corfu!

There are so many beautiful places on the island to discover, driving in Corfu is the perfect way to make the most out of your holiday.

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