Your Guide to the Beautiful Village of Kassiopi

Sitting at the northeast end of Corfu, Kassiopi is a favourite spot to visit on the island that has also managed to retain its sense of place and local community.

Surrounding a natural harbour, Kassiopi is a place drenched with history and brilliant, local eateries and bars. Even better, the clear, clean waters of Kassiopi and the hidden coves and shingle beaches make it the perfect, idyllic location to stay in one of our north east Corfu villas in the area.

Kassiopi villas are some of the most stunning on the island, and the local community feel, and striking looks of the village make it the ideal holidaying spot. So, with all that in mind, let’s take a closer look at this breathtaking place.

The Community

One of the best things about Kassiopi is that it has a strong sense of Greek culture, without being unwelcoming to visitors. In fact, the opposite is true, with many British ex-pats calling the village and surrounding areas home. Many have visited as tourists in the past and decide to settle down in Kassiopi due to the gorgeous surroundings, robust local amenities and the authentic, laid-back atmosphere that permeates the village. Many rent out their Corfu private villas to visitors, so there’s no shortage of accommodation.

Because of this mingling of Greek and British cultures, most residents of the village speak English, which helps visitors feel a little more at home – and helps them find the special, secluded spots around the area that the locals know.

The History

Hidden away just off the main street of Kassiopi is the Church of the Panayia Kassopitra, a 16th-century building that lies on top of the ruins of an ancient Greek temple dedicated to Jupiter. It’s a striking, beautiful building and the statue of the Virgin Mary was once a popular pilgrimage spot for the faithful seeking out it’s reputed healing powers.

Another local history spot that draws many visitors is the fortress that sits atop the high ground overlooking the harbour of the village. Built back in the 13th century by the ruling Angevin clan, today the castle is being restored to its former glory, and it’s a great spot to take in dramatic, sweeping views of the whole area.

The Food and Drink

Because Kassiopi isn’t a huge place, almost all of the excellent cafes, restaurants and bars of the village are centrally located and easy to find.

And there’s more than classic Greek cuisine to try here, with Italian, Mexican and more on offer for visitors to sample. You can expect long, relaxed dining experiences in-line with the general tranquil nature of Kassiopi and, if you’re seeking late-night entertainment, many bars and local night spots stay open well into the small hours.

In terms of providing for yourself on a trip to the beach, Kassiopi has numerous supermarkets and shops close-by selling fresh seafood, locally produced goods and more.

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